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Emma's road to happiness.



Emma 1

The road to happiness by FLambassador Emma-

My name is Emma Dickson from Loughborough and I’m a FLambassador for Fat Lad At The Back.

When I saw the FLambassador roles advertised I decided to apply because I am a keen cyclist and have been helping my friends to get on their bikes for the last year or so as we needed the extra training because we’d signed up for a night ride around London.

I was so excited when I was successful because I can now help more people of any size, age or ability to get out and ride. It's great having the FLAB community behind (and in         front) of you for support. Actually I did a little dance when I got the Email!

Over the course of the next few months I am going to be writing a monthly blog about cycling and being a FLambassador and I’ll also be sharing some of my favourite recipes with you. I hope I may even inspire some of you to get on your bikes and to get cooking!

So getting out on my bike is not just about keeping fit, it's for a healthy mind too. After a good ride on my bicycle, I am a better, happier person and can cope with the world.

Eleven years ago things where a lot different, I was struggling with my mental health and was diagnosed with cyclothmia a form of bipolar. I was so miserable and down I wanted to end it all.

I didn't really realise the benefits of cycling and often turned to alcohol for comfort. This was probably how I landed a job as a cook at the Red Lion pub in Kegworth. I live in the next village two and a half miles away and because I needed to get to work and it was cheaper, I decided to buy a second hand bike.

The first week at work was hard as I had a big hill to conquer and I was a big lass. I just got off and walked up. My bum was a little sore too, but I needed to work, so kept at it. After a couple of weeks my bum felt better and I was getting a little further up the hill until one morning I made it all the way up! I was on top of the world. I felt good.

So then I just kept going, cycling faster and getting fitter, but the biggest change was me. I was happy more than I was depressed. I don't think I even noticed it at the time myself, but everything went right for a change and the cloud had lifted. I was smiling.

It's the little steps you take sometimes that lead to where you’re going.

Emma 2                                         Broken Biscuit Rocky Road 

200g broken Biscuits. I used rich tea and biscotti.
1 tube of smarties.
125g Butter.
300g Chocolate. I used dark and milk.
3 tablespoons Golden syrup.
100g mini marshmallows.

1. melt butter, chocolate and the syrup. You can use the microwave (1 minute at a time, check, continue till melted) or a saucepan over a low heat. Stir well.  emma 3
2. Bash the biscuits in a bag. They should be small prices and crumbs.
3. Mix all ingredients together till covered in chocolate.
4. Put in a foil tray and push down with clingfilm
5. Refrigerate 2 hours or more.
6. Cut and serve