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Everyone Loves A Tri-er

By Richard Bye, Founding Fat Lad

Head Shot Richard Bye Fat Lad At The Back3

The Triathlon season is upon us and I remember my first!

I had set myself the challenge several months earlier as part of a focused effort to get fit and lose the extra stones I had been collecting since my twenties.

The training was tough and I found the swimming pretty lousy, but the most worrying part of all was my clothing dilemma.

I envied the svelte lads, clad in skin tight Lycra, transitioning with ease from pool to bike and bike to run and wondered, what on earth I was going to wear.

There’s not much choice at a 46” chest so after much research I had ordered a XXXL short and top ensemble in blue. It was the largest size I could find and I was optimistic from the size chart and photographs on the website!


My hopes were quickly dashed when it arrived and I held up the tiny clothes against my 6’3” body. Shameless hilarity ensued from my wife and children, as I wriggled into the shorts, which un-stretched, were no wider than one of my thighs. Once on, they left nothing to the imagination and the extra inches from my waistline bulged over the waistband like a cake overflowing its baking tin.

The top was even worse and I was hot, sweating and flustered by the time I had got it on. The hemline refused to stay put and rolled its self up to my lower ribs, exposing two decades of over indulgence and denial. My cleavage on the other hand had been so effectively enhanced by the shrink wrapped Lycra, I was now an enviable D cup and even my wife had to concede, it was impressive!

This was serious! The Triathlon was challenge enough, without having to undertake it dressed like an extra from the Rocky Horror Show. I needed a fat lad tri suit and if I needed one, that meant other fat lads needed one too. It needed to be generously cut with proper sized arm and leg holes, as well as practical and technical and it needed to have a long zip at the front so that you didn’t have to be Harry Houdini to get in and out of it.

Try-Tri-Suit-Fat-Lad-At-The-Back-300x300The Fat Lad And Fat Lass At The Back Try Tri suits are all that and more. There are few more ridiculous outfits available to a sporting FLAB than a triathlon suit, but all things told, I think ours are very flattering pieces of kit. Designed especially for Fat Lads and Fat Lasses, they're available in black, which we have found to be a particularly FLAB friendly colour.

The Try Suit has been tested by me and other Fat Lads in the pool, on the road and on the bike, with some great feedback and some unconfirmed reports that it may actually make you go faster – Either way, it won’t leave you looking like a badly packed sausage and that can only be a good thing for all concerned.

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