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FLAB Winter cycling survival guide - Feet

FLAB Winter survival guide – Feet Many of us struggle to keep our feet warm during the winter, here are our top five items to help keep your toes nice and toastie.

  • Socks

  • Toe warmers

  • Overshoes

  • Winter Cycling boots

  • Household helpers-tinfoil/clingfilm

Socks Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 15.43.15Layering your socks works really well at keeping your feet nice and warm. Our Fat Lad At The Back merino wool thermal socks offer great protection against the cold. When it turns really cold wollie bollie socks from defeet come into there own. These non itchy heavyweight wool socks are awesome at keeping your feet warm and if your shoes allow it when it’s near freezing pop a thinner pair of socks underneath.   Sealskinz waterproof and windproof socks can be worn on there own and are great if you don’t wear cycling shoes and can’t get overshoes to fit your chosen cycling footwear. They also work really well layered with socks and overshoes although you do have to accept that if you are cycling for a long time in the rain it will inevitably run down your legs and into your shoes no matter what you’re wearing.   Toe warmers These are great for those in between times of years like autumn and spring. Really easy to get on you just pop them on over the toes of your cycling shoes. Overshoes You can get all different types of overshoes, some are just made of material to make you more aerodynamic and some are windproof and waterproof. Sealskinz neoprone overshoe Neoprone overshoes offer your feet the most protection from the winter weather. They can be tricky to get on so make sure you buy the correct size. Winter boots The all in one faff free way to keep your feet warm and dry in winter, wind and water proof and a doddle to get on and off and no more wrestling trying to get your overshoes on. Northwave winter boots   cling filmHousehold helpers - clingfilm  Using Cling film as a vapour barrier can be amazingly effective at keeping your feet warm and dry. Humble cling film is apparently used by loads of pro cyclists in winter to help keep their feet warm. Sir Bradley Wiggins once tweeted how he used cling film to keep his feet warm on a winter training ride. Wear a thin pair of socks then wrap feet in cling film and pop a pair of thicker socks over the top. Rain and wind are kept from getting directly to your skin. Household helpers – Tinfoil tin foil It's readily available in the home or at a cafe stop and makes a great 'emergency blanket' for cold feet. Use it to line your cycling shoes to help block out cold air coming through the vents. Wrap over your socks to help keep your toes warm. Warm it up on the radiator beforehand to help keep the heat in a bit longer!
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