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Size Does Matter

Getting decent cycle wear if you're over a 44" chest is challenging enough, without the bewildering SML size system.


Is cycle wear sizing about the most complicated thing about cycling?

Once you get over a 42" chest it's anyones guess how many X's you need. We couldn't make head nor tail of it, so we decided to scrap it and use measurements instead. It's different to other manufacturers but it's better and it works about 99% of the time.

There's a lot of vanity sizing on the high street, which adds to the complication because it means that although you may be wearing for example a 44" jacket, your actual measurement may be a 46" or more. Our Fat Lad in Charge got a bit of a surprise when he found that his size 38" jeans were actually a 42" waist. Although it can be a bit disheartening to find that you are 'bigger' than you thought, getting the right size gear is a lot more important and once you're cycling, you'll quickly get rid of those extra inches that appeared whilst you weren't looking!Fat Lad At The Back Cyclewear Vanity Sizing


Ideally you want your gear to skim the skin, so that the fabric is in contact and can wick moisture away, but without being so tight that it gives the appearance of a shrink-wrapped chicken, unless of course you like the shrink wrapped look!

That's why we ask our customers to get measured and use this information to order the correct size of garment. If you prefer a looser fit, just go up a size.
When trying on the garments we also suggest that customers sit on their bikes or at least adopt ‘riding position’, so they can feel how the garments will fit particularly on the shoulders, back and arms.


Because the fabrics we use stretch in all directions, if you have especially large Popeye arms or chunky thighs or bottoms you may find that garments feel too short or smaller than you had expected. This is because the fabric gets 'used up' across the wider parts and therefore effectively 'shortens'. Equally, items can appear too small if you are very tall or too big if you are more petite.

There can be some challenges getting the right fitting gear, but it's worth persevering with and don't forget you can always drop us an email and we'll be abe to make some suggestions as to the best size. We're quite good at sizing up cyclists now! The important thing is don't fear the tape measure - it's just a number and it's the start of your cycling journey!

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