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What makes our gear better? - YOU do!


Not long after we launched our men’s cyclewear, we were inundated with requests from women or should we say lasses, demanding the same thing. It made sense of course, that if average sized lads were struggling to find quality cycling gear, then average sized lasses would be too, so we set about producing a women’s collection to fit and flatter the curvaceous shape of the female body.

But first we asked our community of Facebook Lasses what was wrong with Women’s cycle wear and ‘hold the phone’, they were desperate to tell us!

Firstly women's gear didn’t seem to be fitting in any of the right places and it didn’t have any ‘room’ for bust or hips - even though busts and hips are a pretty common thing amongst Women. Secondly it was shapeless, so even if our lasses had been lucky enough to find gear that was big enough, it wasn’t at all flattering. Thirdly jerseys were generally too short, so lots of women felt exposed and uncomfortable and spent a lot of time pulling their hemlines down and finally women’s cycle wear just wasn’t very feminine.



Consequently our jackets and jersey’s have been designed with proper, woman friendly curve and feature a contoured side panels which help to slim the silhouette. Based on women’s body measurements, this tailoring helps to ensure a great and flattering fit and our longer length tops, ensure that our lasses feel comfortable, both on and off the saddle. Finally our designs and use of colour ensures that no matter what size, our clothing accentuates the parts of the body (most) women like and detracts the eye away from the bits they’re even less happy with!

Our research also identifies the latest colour trends and we pick the most popular colours from the blue and yellow colour spectrums, to compliment women with either blue or yellow skin tones.

We’re always interested in feedback from our customers and if enough people share your opinion, you may well see your suggestion being incorporated into the collection.
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