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What To WEAR Instalment 2

Instal 2:


Here’s the 2nd Instalment of our guide to getting layerie – it’s not fool proof, but it may/may not help!


It’s that time of year when ‘what to wear faffing’ reaches an all-time peak!

You check the weather forecast and look out of the window and make a decision. Then on the way to get the trusty steed from its stable, you feel a shiver and thenceforth the dilemma starts. Will you be warm enough/too warm/will it rain/was that a spot of rain/is that a westerly wind/will that wind be in your face all the way/what’s the wind chill factor/did the weather forecast mention wind/why didn’t you invest in that base layer. And so it goes on – lynn to creat temperature graphics based on Ade/Richards temps/clothes.
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