Dr. Andy Nichols is the Fat Lad at the Back nutritionist in residence aka the foodie lad.  He’s here to gives you tips on all things nutrition – whether you want to know the best way to fuel a day on the bike or how to shift a few pounds he can help.

He’s an obsessive cyclist, part of the successful B38 team and together with brother Dave, an exercise physiologist, he runs The VO2 Project Coaching and Nutrition, which helps athletes achieve their sporting goals as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet to a wider audience (no pun intended). 

Our foodie lad studied at Cambridge University, has a master’s degree in Human Nutrition and a PhD in human cell biology, so he knows what he’s talking about!

He’ll be doing regular Q&A’s on our Facebook page as well as appearing in the media as a nutrition expert, usually debunking the most recent fad diet.

Ride and Recovery Foods

Sports nutrition products are great for racing, but unnecessary for most training rides, here are some alternatives:

There is as much salt in two slices of bread as there is in an electrolyte tab.
A slice of maltloaf contains the same amount of carbohydrates as a gel.
Some supermarket cereal bars contain more carbohydrates than sports energy bars
Milk is both a great source of protein and is more effective than water for rehydrating after a ride.
A tuna sandwich contains as much protein as a sachet of recovery drink.