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Ambassadors Wanted

Help Us Spread The FLAB Love

Do you love FLAB, our community and everything we stand for?


Are you already active on social media, do you enjoy regular posting and do you have an engaged following?


If so you could be what's known as a micro-influencer and we're after people like you to help spread our Flabby message by becoming a brand ambassador – aka FLAMBASSADOR.

What’s a Flambassador?

A Flambassador is a brand ambassador for Fat Lad At The Back. You will become a member of our Big Fat Bicycle Club and will be an advocate of the brand, tasked with spreading the FLAB love on your own social media.


You will earn discounts, commission and money off FLAB gear as well as chances to get free gear too!

What do I have to do?

As a Flambassador you’ll help us to promote FLAB through your own social media channels by taking part in fun ‘missions’ and telling your followers about us and our community.


You will need a public profile with engaged followers and must be regularly active on your social media channel(s).



There are different missions for different social media channels so you can pick and choose which ones you do.


Missions vary and there are lots of options from creating a trending TikTok to just heading out on a ride. We try to make the missions as fun as possible so that you actually want to get involved.

Which social media accounts do I need?

Our Flambassador programme is being administrated through our closed Big Fat Bicycle Club Facebook Group so you’ll need a Facebook account even if you’re not active on Facebook.

What do I get?

Loyalty points

We use our Big Fat Loyalty Scheme to reward our Flambassadors. You’ll get Big Fat Loyalty points for completing missions which you will be able to convert to discount vouchers and get free stuff!

Discount codes

You’ll also get exclusive discounts for you and your followers.

Create an account

If your application to become a Flambassador is successful you’ll just need to create an account on our Fat Lad At The Back shop and sign up to our Big Fat Loyalty Scheme so that you can receive loyalty points and discounts for completing your missions.

Should I sign up?

If you’re already active on social media, have good engagement with your followers and love regularly sharing your photos and videos then by 'eck you SHOULD! 

For more information checkout our FLAMBASSADOR FAQ's


Please Note incomplete application forms are automatically void