Review - Ultra-Distance Cycling: An Expert Guide to Endurance Cycling

The beauty of this book is that you learn a great deal more about every day cycling than the title suggests. It's not only about Ultra Distance Cycling but covers many of the things that you need when nipping out for your Sunday jaunt. Nutrition, Hydration, power vs HR training, bike fit, etc, so many chapters full of useful tit-bits to help the novice cyclist as much as the Ultra Distance nut-case!


A really great read that inspires you to find the time (one of the chapters) regardless of your schedule and leaves no stone unturned in understanding everything about man/woman and bike. Simon and Dominic have done a great job.

"To break a cycling record at the age of 47 meant Dominic Irvine had to challenge the accepted wisdom of the day in order to achieve what many thought impossible. As his coach, Simon Jobson left no stone unturned in his quest to hep Dominic and his tandem riding partner Charlie Mitchell reach the level of performance needed to set a new cycling record. Helping ordinary people achieve extraordinary results is a core philosophy of my team’s approach to cycling."

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