Women's Top Tips for Buying the Right Size in Cycling Gear

Buying the right size can be a tricky task, especially in the world of online shopping. Feeling certain you have the right size, just to try it on at home and it doesn’t fit. This leads to frustration and upset not only with the clothing, but with yourself and your body. That shouldn’t be how it works! You should be having a mini fashion show and to be itching with excitement to get out on your bike and show them off. To make sure you have the best purchase experience, here is our top tips for buying the right size in women’s cycling gear.

Mens Womens Pink Blue Cycling Windproof Jacket


  • Get measured before you order. 

  • It’s always important to double check your measurements to ensure you purchase the correct size. It’s even more important when buying cyclewear as you want to make sure they aren't too tight and riding up or too loose and flapping all over the place. Even if you think you know your size, it’s always best to double check. What exactly should you be measuring?


  • Measure your bust, waist and hips at their largest part.

  • Your bust, waist and hips are the most important areas to measure because these are the areas that we find most difficult to get clothes to fit. We make sure our womenswear is designed to fit the natural curve of women's bodies and by measuring at the largest part of these areas, you can guarantee  a much better and more comfortable fit. So, what about pants?


  • For bottoms, consider going up or down a size depending on your height.

  • If you’re struggling to know which size to get, we recommend that if you are under 5’6” going down a size may be a better option when buying our cycling shorts or trousers as they will be shorter on the legs. Similarly if you are over 6’, going up a size might be beneficial. 


  • See product pages for specific advice and sizing

  • Even though we have an in depth sizing chart, we do recommend checking the product description on the garments you want to purchase to double check if there is any advice or sizing information about that specific garment. Some of our items  come from different suppliers and some items have different fabrics meaning the overall fit might be slightly different than other garments you may have purchased before. It’s important to check this to avoid any mishaps later down the line! 


  • When trying on your new cyclewear, try to adopt a cycling position. 

  • It might sound slightly odd, but it is very beneficial with your trying on experience. Adopting a cycling position gives you a more accurate fit and feel of the garment for when you will actually be out riding. For example, you might feel that your cycling trousers are too long on the legs but when you’re out cycling, this will shorten due to the position of your legs on the bike. Don’t be afraid to look silly, it will help in the long run.


    Feel free to drop us an email at fatlad@fatladattheback.com if you are struggling with your measurements or want to ask any questions about the sizing. 

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