Size Guide Mens Road Bottoms

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If you are unsure of your size email our sizing guru's with your measurements and height BEFORE ordering.

A lot affects the fit of bibs - including height, build, thigh, bottom and chest size. The fabrics also stretch a lot so you could wear more than 1 size but the best fit will depend on your height and build as well as your waist and chest. 

If you keep reading ⬇️ you're definitely in with a better chance of getting the right size 1st time. Our advice is based on over a decade of fitting our fabulous fat lads with Lycra!


Fitting tights and shorts is tricky so it's a good idea to try a couple of sizes and return the wrong one for a refund.

Although this sounds like a kerfuffle if you are in the UK it's definitely worth the effort to get the right size.

Close Fitting

Our Mens Tights and Shorts should fit very close to the skin and the pad should be in close contact with the 'under carriage'. There should not be any loose or baggy fabric around the thighs or bum * see our How To Try On Bibs  below for more tips on fit.



If you are under 5'10" the smallest size is most likely going to fit the best. If you are 6'-6'3" the middle size will probably be the best fit. If you are over 6'3" or VERY Chunky, the larger size is probably your best option. If this doesn't make sense DON'T guess - email our sizing guru's.

We often find that people who measure Spare Tyre size can fit into a size 9 or 10 depending on their height and overall shape.

Customer Sizing Feedback

  • Bang on 84%
  • Too big 12%
  • Too small 4%

Top Tips For Getting The Right Size

  1. Get measured before you order 
  2. Measure your waist at its largest point 
  3. Drop our sizing Guru's an email with your CHEST, WAIST and HEIGHT measurements for some help
  4. For a larger size try our Big and Tall range
1 28-32"
2 30-34"
3 32-36" 81-92cm
4 34-38"
5 38-42"
6 40-44"
7 42-46"
8 44-48"
9 46-50"
10 50-56"
Big and Tall/Spare Tyre 56"+ 

How To Try On Bibs

When your bibs arrive, try them on and adopt cycling position.

The bibs should fit snuggly but not dig in across your shoulders and legs and there should be no flappy fabric around the legs or excess fabric around the thighs or bum. If there is, the bibs are too big.

For more advice email our sizing Guru's with some photographs of you in the bibs and your measurements.