Women's Fit Guide

Designed by women, for women, our female specific cycle wear has been created to fit the natural curve of the female body and accommodate boobs, waist and hips


Our cut is unique and we place the patterns and colours on our garments with care to create beautiful cycle wear that our customers love wearing and which makes them feel confident 


How cycle wear fits when you're stood in front of the mirror is not how it will fit when you are on the bike so it's important to adopt cycling position (arms out stretched, legs bent) to feel how the gear fits 


Top Tips For Getting the Right Size

  • Measure your bust, waist and hip measurements at their largest point, with your arms relaxed by your sides
  • Arms by your sides is key to getting an accurate bust measurement
  • Don't rely on you hight street dress/jeans size as these vary too much


  • Our jerseys have 'ease' built in so you don't need to size up to get a comfy fit
  • Our jackets and gilets are sized to fit over a jersey
  • Some jackets have less stretch so look out for specific information in the product description for additional sizing information
  • If you are between sizes, the smaller size will be a bit snug and the larger size will be loose
  • If you span 2 or 3 sizes because one part of your body is proportionately smaller/larger than another, it's usually best to go with the middle size or decide where you want it to be baggiest/tightest. If you need help deciding just email us with your measurements
    • For larger bust, it's usually best to fit the waist and hips but if you don't like a clingy top on the bust you should size up but if you go up more than 1 size the hips may be baggy
    • For larger waist, if you don't want something clingy on your waist then size up but if you size up more than 1 size the hips and bust will be baggy
    • For larger hips, it's usually best to fit the hip. You can try 1 or 2 sizes smaller although some customers have advised us that their jerseys ride up if they are very tight on the hip
  • Baggy isn't always best and sometimes a snugger fit can look and perform much better than a larger option
  • If you like a very snug, stretch fit, go down a size (or 2)
  • Road cycling tops are shorter at the front and longer at the back because your body changes shape when in cycling position
  • Although road gear is designed to be snug fitting there is no wrong or right way for a jersey/jacket to fit, it's up to you and what you feel most comfortable in. However in order to get the maximum benefit from the wicking and breathable fabrics we use, they need to be in contact with your skin
  • Very loose jackets can be noisy and 'balloon' in the wind
  • Just email us with your measurements and height if you need help




*JERSEY LENGTH (Front  :  Back)


Measurements are approximate

Tolerance +/- 2cm


34 - 38
60cm  :  66cm
40 - 42
62cm  :  68cm
44 - 53
64cm  :  70cm



Our Leggings and shorts (non-bib) have a super high, comfy waist with double tummy panel for comfort and support

Our bibs have a similar fit to our non-bibs however if you are in between sizes in one you may find you need a different size in the other

  • Fitting cycling leggings, shorts and bibs can be tricky because your leg, bottom, height and torso will ALL affect the final fit
  • It may take trying on 2 or 3 sizes to get the right size
  • If you need help with our size guide email us with your measurements
  • If you are between sizes, our non-bibs and bibs may not fit you the same
  • If your waist is larger or similar to your hips, you need to fit your hips for the padding to be in the right place
    • This means that you need to go down at least 1 size smaller than your waist measurement
    • For non-bibs going down 1 size from your waist measurement is rarely an issue, however going down 2 sizes can sometimes be too tight on the waist
    • In this case you may find the fit of our smaller bibs better 
    • Sometimes the stitching on the bib area can crack because the fabric is having to stretch to accommodate a larger waist. This won't affect the fit of the pad and can easily be mended by your local repair shop
  • If your hips are proportionately larger than your waist, you will need to go up a size to fit the pad correctly, otherwise the fabric may become see through
  • All our road cycling leggings, shorts and bibs should fit snug to the body without excess fabric around the crotch, thighs or bottom
  • Our Gear is generally tall but this doesn’t mean we can’t fit shorter people. We have customers who are 5’3” and over 6’
  • Just email us with all your measurements and height for help


Our Undershorts fit is very similar to our road leggings and shorts (non-bib)


Our MTB jerseys are loose fitting. Use your bust, waist and hip measurements at their largest point to order


 *Laid Flat Garment Measures (cm)

Bust : Front Length : Back Length

40/42 40/42" (102/107cm) 59  :  61  :  76
44/46" (112-117cm)
64  :  63  :  78
48/50" (122-127cm)
70  :  63  :  78



Our MTB bottoms have a stretch tummy panel which should fit high around the waist. The leg is gently tapered

The waistband is very stretchy and there is less stretch in the leg fabric, therefore if you are between sizes, we recommend you fit your hips 



    • Our gear is longer than most brands and we work on a 5'10" (178cm) frame
    • Our tallest customers are over 6' (183cm)
    • Because the fabrics we use stretch in all directions, your body shape and frame size will all affect the fit of your cycle wear and the final length
    • If you are over 6' (183cm) tall and between sizes go up a size as this will result in a longer fit 
    • If you need help just drop us an email with your height, bust, waist and hip measurement


    • Because of the way the fabrics stretch, the extra 'length' in our jerseys means that they can accommodate all your curves and still finish at a good length
    • If you are between sizes it's usually best to go down a size as this will result in a shorter length
    • Our long sleeve length does mean that our garments will be very long in the arm
    • For bibs, leggings and shorts we recommend that you go down 1 or 2 sizes to get a better fit
    • Drop us an email with your height, bust, waist and hip measurement for help