Ultimate Cycling Christmas Gift Guide 2022


’Tis the season for panicking about Christmas gifts, but worry not, we’ve got the ultimate gift guide for the cyclists in your life. From a full cycling outfit for your other half, to a warm and dry cycling jacket for your Dad or a fun Secret Santa gift for your bike-loving colleague, let us make Christmas gifting easier for you. 


What to buy the cycling man in your life – especially when he’s given you zero hints?! Is it time to trade up and invest in some super comfy, warm and snuggly, padded cycling tights? Or what about a surprise Will Ride For Cake cycling jersey? Check out our top picks for the best cycling Christmas gifts for him, including big and tall and plus sizes too.

Men's Black Stealth Jewel Reflective Thermal Padded Bib Tights

Men’s Black Stealth Jewel Reflective Thermal Padded Bib Tights £109.99

Look after the crown jewels with our men’s thermal cycling bib tights - they don’t get much bigger or better than this. Featuring technical, stretch, compression fabric and premium components, only the best for our fat lads. In large to big and tall and plus size


Men's Hi Vis Orange Stripe Tor Cycling Jacket

Men’s Hi Vis Orange Stripe Tor Jacket £139.99

For the lad who wants to stay warm and dry while being stylish. Our Tor soft shell Jacket is the go-to cycling jacket for when the weather turns. In XL to big and tall and plus size


Men's Blue Contour Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey

Men’s Blue Contour Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey £69.99 

Stay warm and cosy in this mid-weight fleece jersey. In large to big and tall and plus size


Men's Ey Up Technical T-shirt

Men’s Ey Up Tech T-shirt £34.99

Say ‘hello’ without even having to open your mouth. Not getting this novelty technical t-shirt for your Yorkshire mates/relatives is a crime! It’s wicking and breathable so it’s great for the gym, on the bike or even down at the pub. In small to big and tall and plus size



Men's Will Ride For Cake Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey

Men's Will Ride for Cake Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey £54.99

For the cyclist whose ride always includes a well-deserved cake stop. And why not?! In small to big and tall and plus size


Cycling Gifts For Her Subtitle

Cycling Gifts For Her Image Header

Everyone knows that you can never have too many cycling jerseys so if your lass is a cyclist, then new cycling clobber could be the perfect Christmas gift for her. Whether it’s a Hi Vis Winter jacket to keep out the cold and rain or a pair of warm and snuggly thermal cycling tights, we’ve got some great gift ideas for you and everything comes in plus sizes too.


Women's Moonchild Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey

Women’s Moonchild Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey £69.99 

This Tarot inspired jersey is perfect for the lass who likes to channel her inner goddess. In small to plus size.


Women's Rainbow Thermal Padded Cycling Bib Tights

Women’s Rainbow Thermal Padded Cycling Bib Tights £89.99

Bring rainbows with every pedal in these super comfy h cycling tights. With a female-specific high-density pad, they’re available in small to plus size.


Women's Rainbow Tor Cycling Jacket

Women’s Rainbow Tor Cycling Jacket £139.99

This hi-vis winter cycling jacket stands out on the roads, whilst keeping you warm and dry. Breathable and wicking there’s no overheating in this technical jacket. In UK 14 to plus size. https://fatladattheback.com/collections/new-womens-cycling-clothes/products/womens-rainbow-tor-cycling-jacket#productinfo2 

Women's Bike Eat Sleep Technical T-shirt

Women’s Bike Eat Sleep Tech T-shirt £34.99

If she lives and breathes cycling 24/7 this is the perfect T. Made for a technical fabric it wicks and breaths so it’s perfect for cycling, running or hanging out down the pub. In Small to 5XL https://fatladattheback.com/collections/womens-t-shirts/products/womens-sky-blue-bike-eat-sleep-repeat-technical-t-shirt

Lido Cycling Sport Headband

Lido Headband £5.49

For the lass who likes to keep her barnet out of her face, these fun h will top off her cycling outfit and make great stocking fillers. One size.


Women's She Is Fierce Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey

She is Fierce Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey £54.99 

For the cyclist who owns the roads, this stand-out womens design comes in a mid-weight, lightly brushed, wicking and breathable fabric, perfect to layer up on those chillier days. Just don’t mess with this lass she might bite!! In small to plus size.


Cycling Gifts For Mountain Bikers

Cycling Gifts for Mountain Bikers

Mountains bikers – the adrenaline seeking, mud lovers of the cycling world. Christmas is a great chance to get them some proper nice gear they will enjoy mucking up sooner or later.

Men's Black Cracking Mountain Bike Shorts

Men’s Black Cracking Mountain Bike Shorts £89.99 

No cracks here! Just comfortable, practical cycling shorts which don’t fall down and expose your bum. In small to plus size and big and tall men


Men's Mountain Bike Long Sleeve Windproof MTB Jersey in Grungy Green

Men’s MTB Long Sleeve Windproof Jersey in Grungy Green £64.99

A great choice for MTB, Trail or Gravel riding, this great technical long sleeve jersey has a windproof front to keep you warm on the super fast down hills and a midweight jersey back to stop you from overheating on the tricky hard to pedal up hills. In size Large to plus size and big and tall mens.


Women's Black Padded Cycling Under Shorts

Women’s Black Padded Cycling Under Shorts £39.99

Providing perfect padding to the nether regions, these padded cycling undershorts have a lightweight mesh side so you don’t overheat and a wicking and breathable pad for maximum comfort. A great gift for any cycling mad woman as they’re super versatile and can be worn on the commute or on the trails. In UK 12 to plus size


Women's Black Waterproof Jacket

Women’s Black Waterproof Jacket £34.99

A packable, waterproof cycling jacket that will keep you dry whatever the weather this is a great piece to stash in a pocket and should be a go to wet weather item. Great for post ride pub stops, it will keep you warm and keep the wind out when you’re sipping your first beer. In sizes UK 12 to Plus size. https://fatladattheback.com/collections/womens-mtb-mountain-bike-gear/products/womens-blue-camo-mountain-bike-jersey

Nithered Cycling Skull Cap

Nithered Skull Cap £10.99

Don’t get brain freeze, just get a snuggly thermal skull hat for under your helmet. One size.


Fearless Fabulous Female Neck Doo Dah

Fearless Fabulous Female Neck Doo Dah £9.99

If she is a fearless, fabulous, female cyclist, this is the perfect Christmas gift for her. One size.


Fat Lad At The Back Cycling Gifts

Fat Lad At The Back Cycling Gifts

Know someone who’s utterly FLAB-sessed? Why not gift them something to add to their never-ending FLAB collection?

Baseball Cap With Classic Fat Lad At The Back Branding

Baseball Cap with Classic Fat Lad Branding £9.99

Perfect for covering up post ride helmet hair the FLAB baseball cap makes a great stocking filler and comes with an adjustable tab so one size fits all flabby heads.


'Put Your Foot In It' Black Cycling Socks

‘Put Your Foot In It’ Black Cycling Socks £9.99

Better than putting y’ foot in anything else, these Flabby socks will keep your tootsies nice and warm. 


Fat Lad At The Back T-shirt

FLAB T-Shirt £24.99

This shouty, fully branded FLAB T-shirt makes a great Christmas gift for the man who likes to say it loud and proud at the shops, gym or pub! Sizes small to 5XL


Fat Lad At The Back E-Gift Card

FLAB E-Gift Card £10-£100 

You just can’t go wrong with a gift card and it takes the hard work out of Christmas gifting. Various values are available. 


Cycling Stocking Fillers Under £15

Cycling Stocking Fillers Under £15

Little stocking fillers are a great addition to any cycling Christmas gift and we got the perfect ones. And they are under £15 too!

Lanterne Rouge Cycling Neck Doo Dah

Lanterne Rouge Neck Doo Dah £9.99 

Is it a snood, a doo dah, a thingy majig?! Whatever you call them, it can be used in multiple ways as well as just keeping your neck warm! Choose from a variety of designs. 


Fat Lad At The Back Water Bottle

Fat Lad At The Back Water Bottle £5.99 

Give the gift of hydration, with the FLAB water bottle. We have tested this and can confirm that it will also hold other drinks, such as beer and wine.


Fearless Fabulous Female Poster

Fearless Fabulous Female Poster £5.99

Brighten up your personal space with our collection of funky cycling jersey inspired posters


Doodle Cycling Sports Headband

Doodle Headband £5.49

Headbands are back in fashion so keep your barnet out of your face and strut your stuff fashionistas!


Cycling Pouch Wallet

Cycling Wallet £14.99

Imagine how cool you’d look at the cafe stop when you take your cake money out of a FLAB pouch. Room for tools or a phone and water resistant, it’s got pockets and a clippy thing and everything!  https://fatladattheback.com/collections/accessories-gifts-cycling/products/water-resistant-cycling-pouch-with-fat-lad-branding

Jazzy Snazzy Sticker Pack

Jazzy Snazzy Sticker Pack £4.50

Stick it to ‘em! Can be stuck anywhere {that’s allowed}.


Ey Up Stripe Cycling Socks

Ey Up Stripe Socks £9.99 

Snazzy socks for the cyclist who likes their tootsies to be warm and jazzy. 


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