Everything You Need To Know About Cyclewear Sizing


Trying to figure out about sizes of everyday clothes is bad enough, let alone cyclewear! Sportswear is notoriously difficult to fit because the fabrics stretch in all directions, so your height and general build can affect the final fit. Coincidentally, if you can’t find the right gear, you just fall out of love with cycling. 

And that was one of the reasons why Fat Lad at the Back was born. 

Mens Black Check Plus Size Cycling Jersey

FLAB sizing is not the usual SML sizing. Shortly after we launched, we realised that SML didn’t work well for our customers so instead we developed a sizing structure based on actual chest measurements in inches.

We didn’t just size up our gear, we re-designed the way the traditional garments were made so that they would properly fit and flatter the ‘average’ size of cyclists. It took months to track down a manufacturer who understood that we wanted cyclewear that didn’t make the customer look like a shrink wrapped chicken. 



Our different sizing system and templates have resulted in a high rate of getting it right the first time, as long as people get measured following our instructions. Keep your arms relaxed by your sides, measure your tummy and chest at their widest point.

We cannot stress enough how important it is that customers get measured. Please don’t rely on your high street size because we all know that vanity sizing is very common across the high street. Vanity sizing is where the size shown on the garment is much smaller than the actual garment - so for example the size might say a 48” waist but the garment actually measures 42” waist. Essentially you’re getting sold a lie, a lie that makes you feel insecure about your weight and appearance.  

As a size inclusive cyclewear brand, not only did we want to have a largest size range to cater for everyone, but also have the size measure up to the size that’s on the label. 

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Although cycling jerseys often are 'sucked onto the skin, ours aren't tight as we allow about one to one and a half inches for 'ease' onto our jersey measurements. This means that the fabric doesn't have to stretch but still skims the skin allowing the fabric to wick away sweat and keep you from getting clammy. The fabric has to be in contact with the skin to work but there is no other reason why you can't go bigger than your size if you prefer a looser fit or go smaller if you prefer a snugger fit.

If you’re still unsure about what size jersey to choose, lay your existing jersey flat and measure from armpit to armpit at its widest part, then send it over to us, so we can compare those measurements to our jerseys and suggest which size would be the best fit for you. If you’re a newbie cyclist, a t-shirt can work fine for your measurements. Just make sure you tell us it’s a t-shirt. 

Our women's gear has a curvy template, to factor in the boobs, waist and hips shapes into the garment. When we developed our women’s range, we asked lots of women what they thought was wrong with their existing cycle wear and one of the main issues was that standard cycle wear didn’t fit their curves. Consequently many thought that their existing cycle wear didn’t look nice, they felt exposed and not very confident in it. We designed a completely female focused range which took into consideration women’s curves and comfort in a bid to flatter every size and shape of our female riders. We don’t want to brag (but we will) but our women's range is now arguably the best fitting and most comfortable available in the market.

Whilst jerseys and jackets are fairly straight forward to fit, bibs, triathlon and bottoms are a little more difficult to size. Leg size, bum size along with height and general build can affect the final fit and consequently, this can sometimes take a couple of attempts to perfect the correct size. It can be a bit of a faff to find your perfect size, especially if you’re not really sure which size to order. However, we definitely suggest ordering a few sizes of the item you want and trying them all on. Have a mini fashion show in your bedroom. And then return the unwanted sizes & items for a refund. This will allow you to try on and compare the fits and sizes more accurately. 


We are always available to give further advice on size if you require any help. Please drop us an email fatlads@fatladattheback.com with your chest/over bust, natural waist/tummy measurements at its largest point (usually around the belly button area) and hips (women only), as well as your height and overall build so we can suggest the best size for you.

With all of this in mind, you can now go out and wear cyclewear that will make you look and feel great! 

For more information about our size guide and measuring tips, can be found here

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