Embrace Your Awesome - A 2024 Reminder to Shower Your Body with Love!

New Year, New You? Post it Note yourself to a happier 2024.

As we dive headfirst into 2024, a sea of new opportunities and the promise of a clean slate, let's not forget the annual body revolution that comes with it. Urging us to hit the gym and embrace juicing like no tomorrow!


Well this year we're asking you to change something about your body, but fear not, it's not about shedding pounds or sculpting abs. We're talking about a radical concept called self-love!

In 2024, let's make peace with the bodies we have - and how can we do that? Well because we're old souls in a tech-savvy world, we're suggesting the classic post-it note method.

Print out our love-your-body quotes, slap 'em on your mirror, and let the good vibes roll.

Bonus points if you add your own affirmations on post-it notes – DIY style! And if you do get all creative with your own ideas, don't keep them for yourself, send us some photos or else, in fact send us your photos anyway.  

And why are we hopping on this body positivity bandwagon? Well, we're long-time supporters of getting all bodies on bikes, and we believe it's time to pedal in a new direction, especially when the airwaves are saturated with weight-loss propaganda.

So, why love your body in 2024? Here's the scoop:

  • Health Beyond Appearance: Remember, bodies come in all shapes and sizes, much like the diverse range of snacks available in the supermarket. Each body is a unique powerhouse with its own set of capabilities and strengths. Embrace the variety!

  • Mental Well-being: Feeling cozy in your skin is like giving your brain a warm, fuzzy blanket. When cyclists embrace their bodies, they're more likely to enjoy their rides, set wild challenges, and boost their overall mental health. Happiness on wheels, anyone?

  • Inclusivity in the Cycling Community: We're creating a bike lane where everyone is invited! Promoting body positivity ensures that riders of all backgrounds and body types feel like they belong. Let's pedal together, celebrating the glorious mishmash of bodies and bikes.

  • Being Realistic: Forget the barrage of weight-loss gimmicks. We're here to make 2024 a reality check. Let's not tear down body positivity; let's build it up with a healthy dose of realness.

We get it, embracing your bodylicious self takes time. That's why we've called in reinforcements from our community. Throughout January, we'll be dishing out videos and tips from real folks who've mastered the art of body love. Check them out on our socials and let their wisdom inspire your journey!

Here's to a year of loving the skin you're in, appreciating the quirks, and pedalling through life with a grin. Happy 2024, body rockstars! 🚴‍♀️💕

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