Cycling Fitness with Adam Copley: Introduction

Hello and welcome to the Adam Copley: Personal Training blog. Over the coming weeks I will be introducing you to the world of cycling specific fitness. Highlighting the importance of training on and off the bike. As well as covering mindset, nutrition and all things cycling.

As a keen cyclist and mountain biker. It is my passion to see cycling become as inclusive as possible. welcoming people into the world I love and also doing my bit to help these people be the best version of themselves.

Whether you ride for fun, fitness or to compete, I hope this blog will provide you with some interesting reading. Let’s get into it:

This week I want to keep things short and sweet, introducing you to both myself and the basics of cycling fitness. Starting with myself:

Who am I?

My name is Adam Copley. I am a Sheffield based personal trainer, qualified strength and conditioning coach, avid cyclist and mountain biker.

In my spare time I am out on the trails, training for cross country and enduro races as well as kitting out my van. Converting it into a weekend camper. I love the great outdoors and I want to do my bit to help everyone else who shares this passion.

I have over 10 years’ experience of working with members of the public and professional athletes and have worked with people to help them compete on the world stage, win domestic titles, and recover from horrific injury (hopefully we won’t have to go there). Not to mention the grass roots riders that I work with to make them fitter, faster and stronger.

I ride a TREK slash, and a SCOTT scale XC bike, dabbling on the road at times and have raced the grim event of cyclocross a few times too (I don’t make a habit of that one).

In short. I am a coach with a love of cycling, and seeing people achieve amazing things.

What is cycling based fitness?

When I talk about fitness. I talk about the big picture. From performance in the gym, and on the bike to what you put in your body. Your mindset and motivation and self-love. I cover the whole thing.

Cycling based fitness is essentially anything that can help you enjoy your riding more. Whether you want to ride faster, climb higher or just feel more comfortable on the bike.

Adding some level of off the bike fitness to your routine can help you achieve all of these things.

And over the next three weeks I will be covering all of these individually, breaking them down into less intimidating, more welcome blogs and allowing you to pick and choose the bits you want to focus on. Starting with next week when we will go into the basics of off the bike fitness.

So, for now, I want to say a massive hello. And thank you to the FAT LAD AT THE BACK team for welcoming me on board.

If you would like to know more about my work or have a chat with me, you can find me on Instagram/facebook at @acopleypt and at my website

Thank you for your time.

Ride happy.


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