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  • Seria's Story - "It's hard but it does get better"

    Eleven years ago, Seria was the fittest she’d ever been; cycling or running 12 miles a day to work and taking long cycles at the weekend. She was ...
  • 7 Best Chilled Cycle Routes in the UK

    Here at Fat Lad At The Back we believe that every ride should give you something, whether that be a feeling of real achievement, some headspace or ...
  • 10 Health Benefits of Cycling Slowly

    There are lots of benefits of cycling as we all know and the health benefits of exercise are undeniable. However, there’s a fixation nowadays with ...
  • 10 Best Tips for Mindful Cycling

    The best part about mindfulness on a whole is that you don’t need to change and anyone can do it. With cycling it’s all about getting into a state of flow but learning how to get into a state of flow on a regular basis can take time. So, to begin with, its best to try a mindful ride every so often to cultivate your mindfulness practice.
  • Is everything that we know about Fat and Fitness wrong?

    The phrase ‘fat and fit’ is one that many think is a myth, the impossible. However, that isn’t the case. 47% of people who are categorized as ‘overweight’ are metabolically healthy. So what does this mean? Is eating pies and burgers healthy? Well no. Experts understand that body size isn’t within most people’s control, sometimes it’s genetics. So you can try all the diets and workouts in the world but nothing would budge.

  • FLABINATI: The Ways of the Fat Lad Cycling Disciple

    Powered by pie, we live by the sacred gospel of the Fat Lad disciple whereby the rule of bolder cycling is prescribed. We are the keepers of the ca...

    Working on your legs outside of cycling can have massive benefits to your riding. Building your endurance, and power ultimately making you a more rounded athlete. So, with the obvious being mentioned. What gym based and none gym based exercises can you do to improve your performance on the bike? Whether you ride for fun, fitness or to compete, I hope this blog will provide you with some interesting reading.
  • Cycling Fitness with Adam Copley: Is the gym actually necessary?

    Hello and welcome to the ADAM COPLEY: PERSONAL TRAINING blog. Over the coming weeks I will be introducing you to the world of cycling specific fitn...
  • 10 ways to tackle the Big Fat Bike Ride On T' Road

      Many of you are getting involved in our Big Fat Bike Ride On T' Road event on Saturday 22nd May so we thought we'd give you some top tips on how ...
  • What colour will make a cyclist the most visible on the road?

    There’s such a vast amount of debate around what colours are best to wear when on your bike cycling on the road.   Many people actively bash cyclis...
  • Cycling Fitness with Adam Copley: Nutrition Basics

    when it comes to nutrition for your cycling you really do get out what you put in and as such. It is important to correctly fuel your body for riding. This blog will cover the basics of on the bike nutrition and cover a few good foods that are perfect fuel sources for your pre, during and post ride nutrition. Let’s get started:

    Cycling is a sport of goals, whether you want to achieve a PB on a climb, achieve a higher average pace or cycle to lose weight. There is always a goal involved. And I find that goal setting is often something a lot of people fall over on. So, here is my quick guide to using goal setting to improve your cycling.