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Custom Cycling Kit

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We don't just sell you kit, we want your team to feel fantastic in our gear


With the largest range of sizes on the market we can fit your whole team whatever their size and our in-house designer can create something completely unique for you or can work with your existing designs


  • Top quality custom kit

  • Exceptional fit

  • Your own design or our unique creation!

  • Numerous options from quality to luxurious spec

  • The largest size range on the market

  • Advice and expertise to make sure you get what you need

  • We don't just want to sell you kit, we want you and your team to feel fantastic in our gear

Fancy getting your group, team or club all FLABbed up?

You can have either our COG logo or our full Fat Lad At The Back or Fat Lass At The Back logo 

Bespoke Designs

Some of our customers know exactly what they want, some think  they do but need some help bringing a design together and many haven't got any idea where to start!

We can re-create your existing design or we can design something from scratch, using your ideas (if you have any), your colours and logo's and our vast experience and imagination, giving you a totally individual, standout kit.

When we say custom we mean custom - totally individual designs not just a change of colour or an added stripe!

Even if we are using your existing design, sometimes just a couple of tiny tweaks can make a world of difference to the finished look and we care enough to suggest it!


The Largest Size Range In The Industry 

Whatever the size of your team, we have gear to fit everyone, from skinny whippets to chunky monkeys and everything in between. Plus Sizes, Big And Tall, Clydesdale and children's

We are the only team wear manufacturer to offer team and club wear in women's plus sizes and big and tall mens

We've Put The Curve Into Women’s Wear

We developed our women's range after consultation with women cyclists so our unique women's cut means you get superbly fitting, comfortable clothing which fits the natural shape of the female body - it's arguably the best fitting women's cycle wear you'll find and is available in sizes UK 8 to 26



Unique Fit For Men’s Wear 

Gear that fits, whatever your size. We start at skinny whippet sizes and go all the way up to proper fat lads! We've modernised the templates of our larger sizes, so that they are totally unique and a perfect fit for  'normal and larger' people


Simple Sizing Charts

No more guessing if you’re a size M or XL or 3XL. Our sizing system uses body measurements so you know exactly what to order

Ethical European Manufacture 

We only use factories we have visited so we know they provide ethical working environments for their staff and use approved, ethical manufacturing processes - we know you can buy cheaper from elsewhere but we care about who is making our gear, how they are being treated and how our factories are disposing of their waste. Plus we're not into disposable fashion and we want our gear to last for years to come and it does - you know what they say, buy cheap, buy twice!


Premium Fabrics and Components

We only use the best, technical fabric and components, so now your team can have the best on the market, whatever their size

Minimum Quantities

Our minimum number of garments for team wear is *20 pieces.

*We can make smaller quantities but this will come with an on cost which can make it price prohibitive

Your Logo on One of Our Existing Jerseys

If you want your logo adding to one of our existing retail jerseys (from our current retail collection excluding the premium range ) our minimum quantity is 10 jerseys. The logo is added in the production stage and can not be added afterwards

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