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  • Cycling Fitness with Adam Copley: Strength & Conditioning

    Hello and welcome to the ADAM COPLEY: PERSONAL TRAINING blog. Over the coming weeks I will be introducing you to the world of cycling specific fitn...
  • Are women the new COVID-19 cyclist generation?

    As we all are well aware, COVID-19 has completely disrupted life as we knew it. It has completely changed the cycling community and we have seen a ...
  • Cycling Fitness with Adam Copley: Introduction

    Hello and welcome to the Adam Copley: Personal Training blog. Over the coming weeks I will be introducing you to the world of cycling specific fit...
  • Why do cyclists make better partners?

    We’re not saying that you should only ever date cyclists, or that your life will be forever miserable if you don’t... however, what we are saying is that next time you’re on “Match.com” and there’s no mention of cycling in their biography, you should most definitely not match! So, what is it about cyclists that make them superior partners to non-cyclists? Well, Fat Lad At The Back have pretty much summed it up for you to make your search for love that little bit easier!

  • Are you a 'typical' cyclist?

    Often, people who don’t fit the conventional cyclist mould aren’t taken seriously and aren’t allowed in the ‘cyclist’ category, but this growing number of people ARE cyclists. We need to throw away our image of what a typical cyclist looks like because people outside of these standards, are bossing it!
  • Is the Term 'Plus-size' Harmful?

    There has been ample debate around the term Plus-size and whether it’s a potentially harmful label or whether it’s necessary. Many people in the fashion industry, namely plus-size models and fashion influencers such as Ashley Graham and Tess Holliday have been vocal about their distaste for the label and campaigning to #DropThePlus, saying that it’s alienating, isolating and has negative connotations.
  • Profile Series: Phil Wilson - The Important Things In Life

    You may have seen Phil, or as we call him - Smiley Phil, on our promotional imagery. He’s one of our Flambassadors and he has a lovely story that s...
  • Profile Series: Thomas Robb - From 0-100 Real Quick

    With much likeness to some kind of Italian sports car, Tom has a truly inspirational story that takes him from 0-100 at incredible speed. He is 61,...
  • Profile Series: Chris Jones: Chief Flampion

    Spring of the following year Chris discovered Fat Lad At The Back through another Flampion and started riding with other people for the first time , having just done it alone until now. “I Loved the whole ethos of the FLAB brand; of inclusivity for all, no matter your size, shape, gender or ability.” So much so that he decided to apply to become a Flampion himself and in September of 2018 he started in the role. From then, he began doing rides every weekend, met lots of great people, many of who are now good friends – “some from the early days are still riding with me now!”
  • Profile Series: Patrick Medhurst-Feeney - Soldiering on

    Patrick is 31 and lives in Devon. Serving in the British army for 5 years, he joined at the young age of 19 as a veterinary technician and dog hand...
  • Bikepacking with The Original Fat Lad

    The outdoors has always been a major interest for me from as far back as I remember, and with my diary now being crazy, finding time just to get on the bike is always a challenge. So camping and being at one with the elements has taken a back seat for some time, until now.
  • Profile Series: Bev Murray - A Survivor

    Our Flampion, Bev Murray, is your everyday gal, working night shifts at Asda and being crazy about her husband Neil, but she has quite an incredibl...