Daytime Lights are a MUST in Summer

Eck! These long summer days are just lovely but it's easy to overlook the importance of bike lights during this season. Many of us associate bike lights with nighttime rides, but did you know that using daytime bike lights and back lights can significantly enhance your safety on the road? Investing in these lights is crucial, even for sunny summer days. So, let's shed some light on it to make your rides fun AND safe.


Increased Visibility

Daytime Bike Lights: Even in daylight, a cyclist can blend into the background, especially in shadowy areas, when surrounded by other vehicles or against bright, sunny backgrounds. By using daytime bike lights, you enhance your visibility to motorists, pedestrians, and other cyclists. Moving light in particular will create a contrast that catches the attention of drivers, alerting them to your presence.

Back Lights: Back lights are the most important lights during the day time and are essential for making yourself stand out to traffic coming from behind and can significantly improve your visibility, reducing the chances of rear-end collisions. Moving back lights are especially good as the human eye responds to movement and will pick up your light much quicker if it flashes or moves through a sequence.


Improved Communication

Group Riding: If you're cycling with a group of riders, using bike lights helps distinguish the group from individual cyclists. It aids in group cohesion and allows other road users to recognise the size and structure of the group, making it easier to share the road harmoniously. But do make sure that you're rear lights aren't on their brightest setting if you're in the middle of a pack or you could risk dazzling your fellow riders.


Tackling British Weather Conditions (bloody rain...)

Low Light Situations: Even during summer, weather conditions can change rapidly, leading to reduced visibility. In fog, rain, or early mornings or late evenings, daylight may be diminished. Daytime bike lights and back lights become even more crucial during these times, ensuring you remain visible to others despite the diminished natural light.

Glare Reduction: Sun glare can be particularly intense during summer months, making it challenging for motorists to see clearly. By using bike lights, you counteract the effects of glare, increasing your visibility and reducing the risk of accidents caused by compromised vision.

Lasses and Lads, don't underestimate the importance of being seen, even on sunny days! So, illuminate your way, prioritise safety, and enjoy your summer cycling adventures with peace of mind. Happy cycling!

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