New Year Same Me

New Year’s resolutions are proven not to work so just don’t set yourself up for failure, get inspired by our fun alternative New Year’s campaign and just be EWE 🐑 😉


New Year’s resolutions are proven not to work and nearly 80% of people admit to abandoning their resolutions by February. Whilst New Year’s resolutions can seem like a bit of a laugh, for some people, the pressure they put themselves under and the inevitable failure can cause a range of emotional and psychological problems, including depression and anxiety.


Our fun New Year Campaign is aimed at combating some of the negativity and self doubt that we’re bombarded with and encouraging people to be positive about themselves and not to set themselves up for failure by setting unreasonable targets in the first place.

According to research less than 12% of people stick to their New Year's Resolutions and losing motivation, being too busy as well as changing goals and priorities are the main reasons for giving up.

When it comes to resolutions, losing weight is one of the most popular and it’s also one of those most likely to fail. We already know that diets don’t work and your chances of keeping the weight off even if your diet is successful is still only 5%.


Other popular goals are centred around living healthier, improving health and diet and increasing exercise all of which are great objectives but combined, they can be overwhelming and can result in more failures. Making a few small changes is much more likely to have a higher success rate and can often have a better overall effect, than trying to make life changing resolutions.

Don’t feel guilty about the foods that you choose but do try to substitute some good stuff for some of your usual bad stuff.

If you want to get fitter you don’t have to sign up for a marathon or the Mallorca 312. For example research has found that simply walking every day has significant health benefits, with studies even suggesting that it can even help to protect you from disease and extend your life.


Spending more time in nature can also seriously improve your mental health so you can potentially double up on the benefits if your walk takes you outside.

When you think about what your body actually does every day, it’s clear that humans are incredible creatures. Our campaign promotes you, being happy with you and cutting yourself some slack about not being the best in the world at everything because each and every one of us is awesome in our own right. Think about the complex functions we carry out every day. Communication, thought, coordination, creativity, memory, reflexes, dexterity to name but a few – you’re already a pretty magnificent creature just as you are!

Positive thinking doesn’t just help you feel better, it’s actually good for your mental and physical health. It can make you more resilient to illness, increase your lifespan, improve depression, lower your levels of distress and pain and give you better coping skills during times of stress.


We’ll be releasing 10 New Year’s Campaign graphics with fun, positive messaging onto our social media throughout January. You can download digital copies for your personal use and to share with friends as they’re posted.


  • I so agree with the above. We should live life, If we are little more kinder to ourselves we will feel better. If you want to lose weight – “get on ur bike”. note to self -

  • Nice to finally something positive! Put a smile on my face on my way to work this morning.

  • Love this, fed up of seeing things in the media that make me feel rubbish! Keep up the good work FLAB!


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