Tips for Getting Back in the Saddle

The thought of getting back in the saddle after a long period of time can be daunting to some. You might feel like you have lost your mojo, or you might feel out of the swing of things, it can be difficult to kick start where you left off. 


But you can get back to cycling whether your break was a few weeks or years. Therefore, who better to ask than our amazing, supportive FLAB community, what their top tips are for getting in the saddle, this is what they suggested…


“Take it steady, build up your fitness and mileage in small chunks…unlike cake.”

“Choose a quiet, fairly flat route and don't look at segment times on strava!” 


“To quote Eddy Merckx……it doesn’t matter how far or fast you ride…..just ride your bike oh, and enjoy the scenery.”

“Don't be ashamed if a hill defeats you. Get off, walk up it and try to get a bit further up it next time. It's about enjoying it not torturing yourself.” 


“The hardest part in getting dressed to go out , plan an easy flat route , throw a coffee and cake stop in the middle . Not every ride needs to be at 100mph. Sometimes just a gentle peddle around the city with no agenda is what you need.” 

“It doesn't matter what others think; it doesn't matter whether you meet performance levels bragged by others; it doesn't matter if you have the latest gear etc. Just get out, be you and have fun.”

“Do things at your own pace, manage your recovery so no going too hard, too fast too soon. If you prefer to ride with others do that; if you prefer to ride alone do that or do mix.”


“Enjoy it, focus on the smiles the miles will come and only compare yourself to yourself, if you are doing better than you were you're winning.”

“Don't take on big hills on your first couple of rides. Don't worry about stopping for a rest, plan a stop for a brew, enjoy being outside and take in the countryside.”


“Find your local FLAB Social rides group and prepare for a warm welcome and lots of encouragement!”

“Keep your head up, don't let the views go past you as you ride. Stop, take photos, say hello to people, pet the dogs. Make the rides fun and interesting, plan routes with that in mind.”


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