Get your pants off!

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We won’t beat around the bush, if you’re still wearing pants under your padded cycling shorts you need to STOP! Whilst the thought of going pant-less might seem a bit audacious, the pads in your cycling shorts are specially designed to be worn next to your skin.

If you do wear under garments they will more likely end up collecting sweat, turning your knicker elastic into dental floss and preventing the technical fabrics of your shorts from working properly and wicking away moisture from your skin.

Back in the day before high tech fabrics were around, pads in cycling shorts were made from chamois leather, yes just like the one you use to clean your car with and you know how it goes as stiff as a board when it’s left to dry? Well it’s little wonder that ‘CHAMOIS’ cream was introduced to help keep the pad supple and help prevent chaffing. Thankfully we know have high density technical foam pads to keep us comfy but they are often still referred to as chamois.

Today’s chamois creams are formulated to help reduce friction, chaffing, skin irritation and some have anti-bacterial properties. Cream can be applied directly on to the skin and /or pad before a ride but take heed, avoid intimate areas or riding a bike will be the last thing on your mind. There are many brands of chamois cream on the market and it’s trial and error as to which one suits you best. If you have very sensitive skin, we can recommend Assos which is formulated to have a cooling effect and also provides a lovely pre-ride tingle! Some creams have been formulated specifically for women, such as Hoo Ha Ride Glide which has a slightly thinner formulation so it’s good to decant into a small bottle for long day, ‘mid ride’ application!Pants off 10

For many, chamois cream is an essential prevention of soreness during the hotter weather, when (without going into too much detail), it can get especially warm and sweaty in the undercarriage area.

These creams won’t help with aches and pains in your sit bones from your saddle but a good fitting pair of quality padded shorts, chamois cream and absolutely NO pants will certainly help to keep your nether regions feeling peachy.

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