Unique Cycling Gifts Under £20

Being presented with the intern’s beanie hat full of strips of paper he’s just spent half an hour cutting out, you’re thinking about who you’d prefer to get. Plunging your hand in, you pull out a piece of paper seeing glimpses of Times New Roman… Oh god, please don’t be Julia from accounts, you think. Or Paul from operations. A rush of adrenaline runs through your body as you unfold.

You’ve picked Ian.

Yes! Good. Brilliant in fact. Ian’s got banter, he’s good fun. He will be great to buy for but wait, what does he actually like to do outside of work? He Cycles! What do cyclists like? Oh no, isn’t cycling stuff is mega expensive. Help needed!

Don’t worry we’re here to help. We’ve put together a Secret Santa gift guide of unique gifts for cyclists under £20.

Bike Stickers

So you know they’ve just got their old bike out of the garage for a clean-up ready for their ‘new year new me’ mission. Why not get them some bike stickers to stick over the old battle scars on their steed and give it a new lease of life?


Pink bike stickers

Sassy Stickers

£4.50 GBP


 Bike stickers Yorkshire pie

Pie Stickers

£4.50 GBP


Ice Cream Themed Cycling Accessories
Oh they do love to be cycling at the sea side with tonnes of ice cream! Get them some accessories featuring a very cute seagull who may have just stolen an ice cream for himself.

 Ice cream blue and pink cycling cap accessories

Ice Cream Cap

£13.99 GBP

 Ice cream neck buff cycling snood blue and pink

Ice Cream Neck Doo Dah

£9.99 GBP

 ice cream socks cycling socks blue and pink funny socks

Ice Cream Socks

£9.99 GBP


Pie Themed Cycling Accessories

They might cycle regularly but they only do it so they can get away with having more pork pies at the office fuddle. Get them some pie themed accessories so they can wear their ‘Powered By Pie’ badge with honour.

 Pie cycling cap blue and yellow

Pie Cap

£13.99 GBP

 Pie neck buff cycling snood

Pie Neck Doo Dah

£9.99 GBP


Cycling Valuables Pouch

Maybe the pie and ice cream themed accessories aren’t really their gig. They’re more of a serious type. How about getting them a pouch to keep their valuables safe and sound in their jersey pocket?

Cycling pouch valuables pouch phone wallet valuables wallet cycling wallet 

Cycling Pouch

£14.99 GBP


Winter Cycling Skull Cap

Maybe they’re a hardcore cyclist and love going out in the colder months; the wind biting at their face as whip through the trees; the smell of fallen leaves nesting in the soil for the winter. However, their poor ears are ready for dropping off they’re that bloody cold! Get them a thermal cycling cap. Designed to keep their head and ears toasty under their helmet.

 winter cycling hat winter cycling cap thermal cycling cap thermal cap

Winter Cycling Skull Cap

£9.99 GBP


Slogan Tees

They love curry and bikes? Seems a no brainer to me! Psst… They’re on sale too.

 Curry slogan t-shirt black

The Law of Korma T-shirt

Was £24.99 GBP

NOW £14.99 GBP

 Will dance for bike parts t-shirt black

Will Dance for Bike Parts T-shirt

Was £24.99 GBP

NOW £14.99 GBP


Don't think any of this properly fits the bill? We've got loads of other bits, take a look here.

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