Size Guide Women's Road/Gym Bottoms


Our Womens Leggings and Shorts should fit high around the waist and close to the skin. The pad should be snug against your body and there should be no excess or wrinkled fabric around the thighs or crotch.

A lot affects the fit of Lycra bottoms - including height, thigh, bottom and waist size. The fabrics also stretch a lot so you could wear more than 1 size but the best fit will depend on your height and build as well as your waist and hips. 

If you are between 2 sizes it's nearly always best to go down to the smaller size.

If your waist is larger than your hips when compared to our chart, you can usually go down 1 size on the waist without a problem and you may look like Olivia Newton John in Greece - ooh ooh ooh honey!

Sometimes people can go down 2 sizes but this isn't always comfy and can dig in depending on your shape. 

Our bibs are more generous on the waist because of the construction so this may be a more comfortable option.

Because our gear is tall, If you are under 5'6" a smaller size is most likely going to fit the best. If you need help just email our sizing Guru's.

Customer Sizing Feedback

  • Bang on 85%
  • Too big 11%
  • Too small 4%

Top Tips For Getting The Right Size

  1. Get measured before you order 
  2. Measure your waist and hips at their largest point 
  3. If you are between 2 sizes it's nearly always best to go down to the smaller size
  4. If you are unsure of your size, particularly if you are an international customer email our sizing Guru's with your measurements and height before ordering
1 (8/10) 27" (69cm) 37" (94cm)
2 (10/12) 30" (76cm) 39" (99cm)
3 (12/14) 32" (82cm) 41" (104cm)
4  (14/16) 35" (89cm) 43" (109cm)
5  (16/18) 37" (94cm) 46" (117cm)
6  (18/20) 39" (99cm) 49" (125cm)
7  (20/22) 42" (107cm) 51" (130cm)
8  (24/26) 46" (117cm) 55" (140cm)