Tips for Washing Your Cycling Clothing

Tips for Washing Your Cycling Clothing

Whilst you’re on your bike, your cyclewear takes care of you, it’s only fair you take care of your cycling gear when you’re off your bike. If you aren’t careful, it can be quite easy to ruin your kit, so, here are some useful tips to avoid running and improve the longevity of your expensive cycling gear. 

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Cyclewear can be cleaned in a washing machine on a delicate cycle at 30 degrees maximum. Temperatures higher will damage the fibres in the materials and affect technical abilities like wicking, as well as the elastic around the waist and short grippers. A good tip is to  use the extra rinse cycle to help remove any extra bits of soap that can clog the fibers of technical materials. If you have the time, hand washing your cyclewear in the sink can help better protect the materials from the abuse of the washing machine but washing machines are totally fine to use.


Whilst mild detergents are fine for washing cycling gear, fabric conditioner is a big no. Fabric conditioner reduces the performance of the technical fabrics and contributes to the deterioration of the garment. 

Try a cycling-specific washing detergent that provides an antibacterial treatment for your clothing and preserves the colour and softness. We recommend HALO Proactive Sports Wash or similar detergents for it’s antibacterial treatment and net washing bags to protect your cyclewear from getting stretched and tangled up with other bits in the washing machine. 



To avoid snagging and pulling, ensure that all zips and fastenings are fastened and that your garments are not washed with other items which have zips, sharp trims or Velcro. Anything that isn’t fastened, can cause damage to the cycling fabrics whilst in the washing machine.

 Furthermore, when you are out and about, check your bike for saddle studs, wires, velcro, seat bags, mud guards and anything else with sharp or rough edges, as these can cause damage to your garments.

Try not to sit on rough or splintered seating and take care with the underside of wooden picnic tables. Look after that behind!

This might be obvious to some people, but wash your cycling gear separately. Washing regular clothes, like a heavy pair of jeans or a jacket, along with your cycling gear may ruin fabrics.

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Throwing everything in the tumble dryer can be the easy option, it is not the best for drying cyclewear. Direct heat can affect the technical fabrics and reduce the life of your garments. Instead, it’s better to hang dry your clothing on a washing line outdoors or somewhere not in direct heat.

If you are still unsure about washing your cycling gear, here’s our page outlining clear washing and caring instructions of the FLAB kit. And always check washing labels for more precise instructions.

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