Why do cyclists make better partners?

We’re not saying that you should only ever date cyclists, or that your life will be forever miserable if you don’t... however, what we are saying is that next time you’re on “Match.com” and there’s no mention of cycling in their biography, you should most definitely not match!

So, what is it about cyclists that make them superior partners to non-cyclists? Well, we’ve pretty much summed it up for you to make your search for love that little bit easier!


 1. Mentally Healthier

There is no doubt about it, that cycling provides a huge outlet for stress and anger. Whether that be from the relationship itself or other external factors, pedal power is a proven great way to relieve yourself of those tensions. Numerous studies have proved that exercising, specifically cycling, help to relax the mind, increase happiness levels and impose a positive mindset through the release of endorphins into the bloodstream.

 The great benefits for your partner’s mental health are undeniable... and for yourself, as they do say that happiness is contagious! Happy wife happy life so the saying goes!

2. Physically Healthier

Who would’ve known it? Exercise is good for your physical health?! No, but seriously let me give you the details. Cycling in particular has been accredited as being the ‘Calpol of life’, as a regular ride can improve and maintain a number of your body parts and functions, including:

  • Heart and lung condition - including a lower risk of cardiovascular disease

  • Blood pressure & circulation

  • Muscle strength and flexibility

  • Joint mobility and lowers chance of developing arthritis

  • Significantly lowers the risk of developing all types of cancer

  • Creates new brain cells in the hippocampus

  • Makes immune cells more active, thus able to fight off infections easier

 I could go on, but I think you get the picture. In fact, it has been shown through research at the University of North Carolina that those people who cycle for 30 minutes, 5 days a week take half as many sick days as those who don’t cycle at all!

Further research also suggests that those who cycle regularly, are much more likely to have a sexy body and be overwhelmingly appealing to their partner!

3. They are better in Bed

 A key part to a happy and healthy relationship. Sex. As we’ve mentioned, cycling improves your physical and mental health - both contributing to a better sex life, however a further benefit is that cycling actually improves your vascular health and in turn your sexual libido. 

Sex drive and stamina, an improvement for many – all due to cycling!

 A study was conducted by the University of Cornell, where it was discovered that males who exercise a lot and regularly have the sexual drive of men 2 - 5 years younger than themselves. It was further discovered that females who also exercised the same were able to delay the menopause by a similar time scale.

 4. They are more Faithful

The main reason for acts of adultery, is the lack of excitement and contentment within the relationship (according to leading psychologists and marriage counselors). Many will be drawn to disloyalty regardless; some will think about it, but most wouldn’t even consider it. Especially not cyclists!

The natural increase in happiness and positivity created by cycling, allows for you to be content with yourself, life and then subsequently with your relationship. Thus, creating stronger bonds of trust, loyalty and enjoyment between you both. Not to mention the increased sexual libido, meaning you don’t need to go searching elsewhere for that satisfaction!

 5. They are more Fun

 Not that we’re biased or anything but it is fact that cyclists are naturally more fun and adventurous. They have a tendency to want to go out and explore, find new places on 2 wheels (and beyond the bike!) and try new, bigger and better things. Adventures with partners make it even more worthwhile and enthusing!

Surely you want someone who injects fun, adventure and excitement into your relationship... don’t you? You want someone who motivates you, not someone who would rather sit inside all day every day! 


 6. They are more Sociable

 The sociable aspect of cycling further improves your overall wellbeing and cheerfulness. Cycling communities are so extensive and inclusive, that it’s hard not to enjoy being a part of them!

Even more so... if you and your partner cycle together in a community, the joint friendship circles open up a whole range of new possible activities and adventures to do together!

 A 9-year study from Harvard Medical School, actually found that those with friends lowered their own risk of an early death by 60%! This was down to lowered blood pressure, strengthened white blood cells and the body’s ability to fight infections.

Shockingly, the researchers further concluded that the absence of close friends and lack of branches of support, is as damaging to your mental and physical health as smoking or a bad diet!


If you haven’t realised yet that cyclists are far superior as partners compared to anyone else, then re-read this again until you have!

Otherwise, you’ll end up marrying the wrong person one day. We assure you!



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