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Size Guide Arm Warmers


The fit of our arm warmers generally corresponds with our jersey fit - so if you wear one of our 44 jersey our 44 arm warmers will probably be the best size.

The arm warmers are super stretchy so pick a size depending on how snug you want them to be.

If your arms are larger or thinner than average you will need to go up/down a size or two.  

FLAB Size Approximate Bicep Size  Approx Jersey Size
1 27-30cm 38"
2 28-31cm 36"
3 29-32cm 38"
4 30-33cm 40"
5 31-34cm 42"
6 32-36cm 44"
7 34-38cm 46"
8 36-40cm 48"
9 38-42cm 50"
10 40-44cm 52"
11 42cm+ 54-58"/Spare Tyre