Actually Fat Can

Fat Cant Actually Fat Can


You might hear FAT CAN'T but actually FAT CAN and FAT DOES and our community is a testament to that.


Whatever preconceptions society may have about fat people, our community is proof that body size doesn’t stop us!


We've never thought of FAT as a bad word - it was just part of a nickname we thought would look good on a jersey, so we were surprised when some people were offended by it, but we realised pretty quickly, that it said much more about them and their attitude to fat, than it did our name.

 Fat Lad At The Back Fat Can't Actually Fat Can


Over the course of the past decade, we’ve seen fat used as a weapon against our community in so many hurtful ways and despite our politically correct society, it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. If anything it’s getting worse and we’ve had enough!


Fat people are still fair game and the terminology used to berate them is staggering.  We've had enough of this negativity, so we're re-claiming the word fat and we're not going to let society use it to humiliate, demean and hurt us any more.


So, when the white van driver or the skinny whippet cyclist shouts Fat Can’t, we say actually FAT CAN!


Fat lad At The Back Fat Can't Actually Fat Can


In keeping with our humour, we have launched a new campaign designed to challenge the rhetoric and dispel the myth that fat people are not very good, amateur, lazy, don’t know what they’re doing, shouldn’t be on a bike, can’t run a triathlon, blah blah blah and celebrate the awesomeness of our multi sized, multi shaped community.


There are so many ready to tell us what we shouldn’t, couldn’t and can’t do, this campaign is about challenging the nee sayers and showing them what we can and are doing. Share your story and let's celebrate our achievements together #actuallyfatcan

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