Kendal’s Top Tips to Getting On Your bike and Staying Motivated

Cake – need I say more article-0-14FA374C000005DC-973_634x467

A good helmet – for obvious reasons

A goal – be it 10 miles, 100 miles or more. It’s your goal! And you should take great pride when you achieve it. Fat Lad At the Back's next Sportive is on 2nd October and has distances of 25, 50 and 75 miles – check that out. Falling that the British Cycling site has s comprehensive list of all Sportives up and down the country. Booking on a Sportive generally means you have mechanical back up and feed stops, so lots of piece of mind, but please confirm before you book.

Some friends – check out British Cycling or even Facebook for social rides and groups and even your local cycling club for people to ride with. Don’t be scared, I’m yet to meet a cyclist that bites!

Picture by Simon Wilkinson/ - 03/05/2014 Cycling Yorkshire - Fat Lad at The Back copyright picture - Simon Wilkinson -

A tracking app on your smart phone – ignore the speed to begin with, that’s not important, but watch your miles add up! When you’ve been going a while you can then see how much you’ve improved too!

A full water bottle – cos we all sweat and need to keep ourselves hydrated

Padded shorts!!! - Might feel like you’re wearing a nappy to start with, but believe me then seats are hard. Give your bum and seat chance to mould them selves to each other though. It does take perseverance I’m afraid. Funny-Elephants-21

Gear - And when you’ve got the bug, you can reward yourself with some sexy stylish kit. You know where this is going don’t you? ;-) I do love Fat Lad At the Back’s kit! It's good quality as well as good sizes. There is no need to feel like an elephant in a wet suit (it took me 6 fat wobbling months to discover them sadly)

Oh, if you get out on your bike, set yourself a goal or even have your own tips for getting out on your bike, please comment below. I’m just a Fat Lass who likes taking her own picture, I’m by no means an expert.

Share your pictures on Facebook too! I’d love to know how you get on!!

Kudos for you in advance,


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