Ade’s Top Tips for creating a mini bulge!

Create a Mini Bulge! 


Lots of you seem to be looking for cycling buddies in your local area so here are Ade’s Top Tips for creating a mini bulge!

  • The website allows you to find buddies in your area, create cycling groups and your own social rides, which get advertised on the website. It’s free and for Lasses there are Breeze rides which are led by trained volunteer Breeze Champions.

Just log on you to the website pop your postcode in and see if there are any suitable rides in your area, if not you can create yourself a login and create your own.

  • Be patient. It can take a while for social groups to get going especially at this time of year as many people are fair weather cyclists.

  • Shout About It. Post links to your ride listed on the website on social media, any local Facebook pages and groups, you could pop a poster up in your local leisure centre and contact your local county sports partnerships as they may also be willing to promote your ride.

  • Checkout the locals. Although you might feel a bit daunted at the prospect of joining your local cycling club, many clubs are keen to get new riders in and many offer a social no drop ride for beginners and if they don’t maybe you could suggest that you could somehow work together on getting a social beginners group up and running?

  • is also a good place to meet local people with many areas already having established social cycling groups for all levels and tastes.

  • Be Accurate. Always try to be accurate with your ride descriptions, be honest about hills and what sort of pace you like to ride at and whenever possible try to fit in a refreshment stop for coffee and cake……. there must always be cake.

[caption id="attachment_412" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Richard is the newest member of Ade's Mini Bulge in Surrey! Richard is the newest member of Ade's Mini Bulge in Surrey![/caption]

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