Our Team

"I’m just winging it - work, motherhood, life, everything"

Lynn Bye

Boss Lady

Description of what you do: lots of spreadsheets, calculating stuff and every now and then (try to) come up with spectacular ideas

sparkly things and dogs

Dislikes: mediocrity and stuff without sparkles

Good at: looking like I know what I'm doing

Bad at: knowing what to do

I do:
 swear a lot

I don't: mind swearing

I want: a time machine

I wishhumans would stop killing all the bees 🐝 (and everything else)

I will: do my best

I won't: sugar coat it

I can: make a fabulous meal out of whatever is left in the fridge

I can't: spell or wait to get a dog

Fave emoji: 

"Perception is reality"

Richard Bye

The Original Fat Lad

Description of what you do: 


Dislikes: whine

Good at: doing nothing

Bad at: doing something 

I do:
 love music

I don't: have an off button

I want: it

I wishthere were no politicians

I will: survive

I won't: look back in anger

I can: quote silly lines from songs as answers to daft questions

I can't: a phrase that doesn’t feature

Fave emoji: 

"It's fun to stay at the CMYK"

Amy Curran

Arty Lass

Description of what you do: I think of all the creative things and make them come to life

Likes: my cat and my dog

Dislikes: people who don't like my cat and dog

Good at: the arty stuff

Bad at: maps and any geography related things

I do: LOVE pizza with jalepenos on

I don't: like cheese unless it's on a pizza

I want: a house full of kittens and puppies

I wishwishing worked

I will: answer this question later

I won't: ever wear crocs

I can: make you a macrame bag

I can't: think of anymore answers for this quiz

Fave emoji: 🙃

Becky Dinsdale

Lass In T'Office

Description of what you do: Assistant administrator

Likes: Spending money

Dislikes: Having no money after I've happily spent It all

Good at: Shopping for stuff I don't need

Bad at: Getting out of the house on time 

I do: Spend my weekends being lazy

I don't: Know how to spell

I want: Ten golden retrievers

I wish: I had lots of well behaved golden retriever puppies

I will: Eventually get lots of puppies 

I won't: Ever give up asking :)

I can: Try my best to keep customers happy

I can't: Answer anymore questions

Fave emoji: 🤪

"Awesome things happen when you leave your comfort zone"

Rafe Aldridge

Social Media Rockstar

Description of what you do: I play on Facebook

my mum

Dislikes: arrogant people, music & dancing

Good at: considering other people's viewpoint

Bad at: patience (my wife answered this one)

I do: finish what I start

I don't: wear shoes or slippers indoors

I want: people to be more tolerant of each other

I wishI could ride my bike more

I will: try and be better than I was yesterday

I won't: dance

I can: make things

I can't: dance

Fave emoji:
anything drawn old school like ;)

"The best rides are the ones where you bite off much more than you can chew, and live through it"

Chris Jones

Chief Flampion

Description of what you do: I am at at the beck and call of all of our Flampions

cafes that actually offer vegan cake options, yes I'm vegan

Dislikes: milk in coffee, I mean why ruin a nice coffee

Good at: everything I do 😜

Bad at: coming up with witty comments

I do:
 like cycling up hills

I don't: like cycling up hills

I want: another road bike, a gravel bike, a mountain bike

I wishI had more bikes

I will: one day have more bikes

I won't: ever eat Brussel sprouts

I can: cook, I mean really cool, so well in fact I don't know why I'm still single 🤔😜

I can't: run, which I discovered last night

Fave emoji:

"I am the cutest member of the team"


Head of Security and Snacks

Description of what you do: 

I am the head of Security Operations at FLAB. The phone rings, I'll let you know, the doorbell goes, I'll let you know, if theres someone in the car park I will for sure let you know. I'm really good at my job and I'm also really good at sniffing out any tasty items that have been left around the office. I should get a promotion. In 3 years time my goal is to be the first CEO Dog of a UK based cyclewear company. No one else sees my answers to this quiz right?

Likes: getting my belly tickled

Dislikes: when my water bowl is empty

Good at: digging, give me an hour and I'll have your garden done

Bad at: getting on the office sofas, hoping no one will see me, then getting caught
I do: have really cute ears

I don't: know how to keep my really cute ears out of my water bowl

I want: a treat, always

I wisheveryone would stop working and pay me attention

I will: become CEO

I won't: bark when the post man visits (promise)

I can: give you a paw if you give me a treat

I can't: help you with any work related things, as I said, I am just a dog

Fave emoji: 😺 (it looks like my brother Gus who I like to chase)

"Remember, no matter where you go, there you are."

Jim Smith

Lad In T'Office

Description of what you do: lots of different stuff on’t computer and around office. I like to test out all the products!

Likes: being incognito

Dislikes: having my picture taken

Good at: getting stuff done

Bad at: meeting new people

I do: have a pet Iguana

I don't: let people pet him because he’s grumpy

I want: another mountain bike

I wish: for another mountain bike

I will: believe in Santa if he brings me a mountain bike this Christmas

I won't: stop writing to Santa asking for a new mountain bikeI can

I can: do tricks with Tyrian (my iguana)

I can't: show you unfortunately as we're camera shy

Fave emoji:🦎