Size Guide Women's MTB Bottoms


As people carry their fat and muscle in different places the stretchy fabrics we use, combined with the design means that each short size can accommodate a variety of different body shapes and sizes.

We have used our FLAB sizing for road cycling gear to give existing customers an idea of how the shorts fit as well as a size chart.

For best results pick a size which best corresponds to your waist at its largest point (belly) and hip measurement. If you have chunky thighs and legs we suggest the larger of the sizes, if you have slim legs, you're probably better with the smaller size.

If you need help with a sizing suggestion drop us an email

Our outdoor shorts and trousers are great for biking, MTB gravel or walking and have a stretch tummy panel which should fit high around the waist and a gently tapered leg.

When trying on, adopt cycling position and 'wriggle about' to see how the waistband works for you

Customer Sizing Feedback

  • Bang on 71%
  • Too big 0%
  • Too small 29%

Top Tips For Getting The Right Size

  1. Get measured before you order - don't rely on your jeans size
  2. Measure your waist and hips at their largest point 
  3. Drop us an email with your measurements if you need some help
L (4-5) 35-40" (88-101cm) 43-47" (109-119cm)
XL (5-7) 39-44" (99-112cm) 46-50" (117-127cm)
2XL (6-8) 44-48" (112-122cm) 49-53" (124-135cm)
3XL (8+) 48-56" (122-142cm) 52-56" (132-142cm)