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Size Guide Mens MTB Bottoms


Our MTB shorts and trousers have a stretch tummy panel which should fit high around the waist and a gently tapered leg.

When trying on, adopt cycling position and 'wriggle about' to see how the waistband works for you

Customer Shorts Sizing Feedback 

  • Bang on 73%
  • Too big 0%
  • Too small 27%

Customer Trousers Sizing Feedback 

  • Bang on 53%
  • Too big 0%
  • Too small 47%

The MTB Trouser fabric has less stretch than that in our shorts therefore the trouser sizing is coming up smaller and you may need to go up a size in the trousers, depending on how the shorts fit you. 

Top Tips For Getting The Right Size

  1. Get measured before you order - don't rely on your jeans size
  2. Measure your waist at its largest point - usually around your belly button
  3. Drop us an email with your measurements if you need some help
S 32/35" (81-89cm)
M 36/39" (92-99cm)
L 40/43" (102-109cm)
XL 44/47" (112-119cm)
2XL 48-52" (122-132cm)
3XL 53-56" (135-142cm)