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Size Guide Mens Undershorts


Aim for a snug fit, which holds the pad securely in place against the body, without restricting movement or cutting off the circulation! Our Mens Undershorts should fit high around the waist.

Customer Sizing Feedback

  • Bang on 86%
  • Too big 14%
  • Too small 0%

Top Tips For Getting The Right Size

  1. Get measured before you order - don't rely on your jeans size
  2. Measure your waist at its largest point - usually around your belly button
  3. Drop us an email with your measurements if you need some help
4 34/36" (86-92cm)
5 38/40" (97-102cm)
6 40/42" (102-107cm)
7 42/44" (107-112cm)
8 44-46" (112-117cm)
9 46-48" (117-122cm)
10 50"+ (127cm+)