Extended Returns to 13th January


  • ASA Bans Fat C*n't Ads

    Following 11 complaints, the ASA (Advertising Standards Agency) have banned our Fat Can advertising campaign which ran in London earlier this year...
  • Actually Fat Can

    When the white van driver or the skinny whippet cyclist shouts Fat Can’t, we say actually FAT CAN!
  • Everything you need to know about Custom Cycling Kit

    In desperate need of dressing your team in some good looking custom kit? Then look no further. Fat Lad at the Back has got you covered.
  • Our Sustainable and Ethical Practices

    Do you ever wonder what to do with the packaging that your FLAB gear comes in? Is it really recyclable? Or just curious about our ethical practices? 

    We care passionately about the environment as we believe it’s important to always give back to the planet in any way you can. We have made and continue to make our best effort to be ethical and eco-friendly, to do our part.

  • Cycling Gifts for Him

    Whether dad’s just got his dusty bike out of the garage, you’re boyfriend’s outfit always has to match his bike, your brother’s always bloody muddy...
  • FLABINATI: The Ways of the Fat Lad Cycling Disciple

    Powered by pie, we live by the sacred gospel of the Fat Lad disciple whereby the rule of bolder cycling is prescribed. We are the keepers of the ca...
  • Why do cyclists make better partners?

    We’re not saying that you should only ever date cyclists, or that your life will be forever miserable if you don’t... however, what we are saying is that next time you’re on “Match.com” and there’s no mention of cycling in their biography, you should most definitely not match! So, what is it about cyclists that make them superior partners to non-cyclists? Well, Fat Lad At The Back have pretty much summed it up for you to make your search for love that little bit easier!

  • Our Response to Rod Liddle's Article in The Sunday Times

    I'm sure many of you can join us in being completely flummoxed at the lack of care and responsibility from The Sunday Times this weekend. An articl...

    Ride London is a three day cycling event that started in 2013 as a legacy event from the 2012 Olympics, some of the route is on the same roads as u...
  • Why The Sufferfest?

    This month at Fat Lad At The Back we’ve been working in partnership with innovative cycling training app provider The Sufferfest. After all, it’s t...
  • The Down South Sportive by Fat Lad In Charge Richard Bye

    I had a great day in Leighton Buzzard on Saturday 3rd September, putting the finish touches to our October event, the Down South Sportive. The da...