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Size Guide Mens Triathlon


This is a tight fit garment

Your leg size and length, waist and bottom size, height and build will all affect how this garment fits

Our size guide is generally accurate to within a size or two, however we can give you more advice if you email us with your vital statistics but we may suggest two or three sizes to try on so you can get the best fit

It can be a kerfuffle but it is worth the effort to get the right size

Top Tips For Getting The Right Size

  1. Get measured before you order 
  2. Measure your chest and belly at its largest point 
  3. If your belly is larger than your chest use that measurement 
  4. Drop us an email with your measurements if you need some help
  5. For over 52" chest/belly try our Big and Tall range
CHEST (cm) WAIST (cm)
44 44" (112cm)
38-44" (97-112cm)
46 46" (117cm)
40-46" (102-117cm)
48 48" (122cm)
42-48" (107-122cm)
50 50" (127cm)
46-50" (117-127cm)
52 52" (132cm)
50-54" (127-138cm)
Big and Tall/Spare Tyre  54"+ (137cm)
56"+  (142cm)