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Our top tips for riding in autumn and winter



According to the FLABinati Rule #22 "A FLAB out cycling in any weather is badass"

So if you think the end of the summer means the end of cycling, then you could not be more wrong!

Autumn and winter offers a completely new challenge which, trust us, you’ll thrive under and it’s a shame to let all that good work over the year, go to seed! So if you want to join the Fat Lads and be badass, then here are our top tips to keep you cycling through autumn and winter.


The right kit!

Lads Long SLeeve Buttertubs Jacksey

Lads windproof cycling jacksey

You’ll need to wrap up warm for early morning and evening rides and you’ll need the correct thermal, windproof and waterproof layers.

Its not just as easy as throwing on an extra jumper , you need gear which wicks away sweat as you’ll feel the cold and damp. You also need to make sure you are visible, especially at night, with bright colours, high vis and reflectivity.

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Get something in the diary!

This is essential for getting you out of the house and onto the bike. If you don’t get it written down and organized you’ll just keep putting it off because of a bit of cold weather!

Bright light                                                                                                     

                                                                               Lasses reflective long sleeve jersey

                     lasses ref

The stronger and brighter the better. These will help other road users notice you and make sure you can see the road and what’s coming. And don’t leave it until it's dark to turn them on, as soon as the light starts to fade, light up! Good front and back lights are expensive but they will potentially save your life, so do your research and invest wisely. Always make sure you have spare set of batteries with you. Remember that it's not just about being seen, it's also about being able to see! There is a lot of confidence and comfort from being able to see as much from your bike as you could from a car.


A mudguard is a must for comfort and general cycling etiquette! You’re going to be riding in wet and potentially muddy conditions, if you don’t have a mudguard, dirt is going to spray up all over your back and soak your backside and possibly even worse (depending on how much you like the person behind you), it’s also going to cover them in the same mess!


FLABinati #Rule22!

Enough said!