Our Team

"I’m just winging it - work, motherhood, life, everything"

Lynn Bye

Boss Lady

Description of what you do: lots of spreadsheets, calculating stuff and every now and then (try to) come up with spectacular ideas

sparkly things and dogs

Dislikes: mediocrity and stuff without sparkles

Good at: looking like I know what I'm doing

Bad at: knowing what to do

I do:
 swear a lot

I don't: mind swearing

I want: a time machine

I wishhumans would stop killing all the bees 🐝 (and everything else)

I will: do my best

I won't: sugar coat it

I can: make a fabulous meal out of whatever is left in the fridge

I can't: spell or wait to get a dog

Fave emoji: 

"Perception is reality"

Richard Bye

The Original Fat Lad

Description of what you do: 


Dislikes: whine

Good at: doing nothing

Bad at: doing something 

I do:
 love music

I don't: have an off button

I want: it

I wishthere were no politicians

I will: survive

I won't: look back in anger

I can: quote silly lines from songs as answers to daft questions

I can't: a phrase that doesn’t feature

Fave emoji: 

"It's fun to stay at the CMYK"

Amy Curran

Arty Lass

Description of what you do: All the creative bits and bobs, I make the design ideas for the gear come to life.

Likes: my cat, Gus

Dislikes: people who don't like my cat

Good at: the arty stuff

Bad at: maps and any geography related things

I do: LOVE pizza with jalepenos on

I don't: like cheese unless it's on a pizza

I want: a house full of kittens and puppies

I wishwishing worked

I will: answer this question later

I won't: ever wear crocs

I can: make you a macrame bag

I can't: think of anymore answers for this quiz

Fave emoji: 🙃

"Marketing is like sex everybody thinks they are good at it"

Lydia Evans

Lass Wi' Big Ideas

Description of what you do: Most of the time I’m working really hard on creating content to make people smile and MAYBE EVEN chuckle. The rest of the time I’m trying to understand why people aren’t smiling and how I can make them smile again. This includes a lot of staring out of the window, tapping my forehead and hoping another cup of tea will help me come to that million dollar idea. I chat to people like us to see how we can help each other and I help Amy make things look good.

long romantic walks to the fridge

Dislikes: when said fridge is empty

Good at: everything

Bad at: nothing

I do: daydream too much

I don't: have a filter

I want: what I can’t have

I wishfor more wishes

I will: treat a buffet like a sprint instead of a marathon and regret it

I won't: exercise any self-control at said buffet

I can: play the djembe drum 

I can't: shut up about space

Fave emoji:

"I know exactly what to do. But in a much more real sense, I have no idea what to do"

Ellie Tolan

Content Wiz

Description of what you do: I am Lydia’s right hand woman, assisting her with visual creations for all communication outlets in our quest to help make people smile and spread positivity. 

Likes: Italian food

Dislikes: Onions (like a lot!)

Good at: shopping 

Bad at: spending too much money

I do: occasionally daydream

I don't: have natural blonde hair 

I want: to exercise more 

I wishmy handwriting was better

I will: never say no to a cocktail, no matter what the time

I won't: stop thinking about Harry Styles

I can: recite everything you need to know about Eurovision 

I can't: stay off TikTok

Fave emoji:

"Awesome things happen when you leave your comfort zone"

Rafe Aldridge

Description of what you do: I play on Facebook

my mum

Dislikes: arrogant people, music & dancing

Good at: considering other people's viewpoint

Bad at: patience (my wife answered this one)

I do: finish what I start

I don't: wear shoes or slippers indoors

I want: people to be more tolerant of each other

I wishI could ride my bike more

I will: try and be better than I was yesterday

I won't: dance

I can: make things

I can't: dance

Fave emoji:
anything drawn old school like ;)

"The best rides are the ones where you bite off much more than you can chew, and live through it"

Chris Jones

Chief Flampion

Description of what you do: I am at at the beck and call of all of our Flampions

cafes that actually offer vegan cake options, yes I'm vegan

Dislikes: milk in coffee, I mean why ruin a nice coffee

Good at: everything I do 😜

Bad at: coming up with witty comments

I do:
 like cycling up hills

I don't: like cycling up hills

I want: another road bike, a gravel bike, a mountain bike

I wishI had more bikes

I will: one day have more bikes

I won't: ever eat Brussel sprouts

I can: cook, I mean really cool, so well in fact I don't know why I'm still single 🤔😜

I can't: run, which I discovered last night

Fave emoji:

"Remember, no matter where you go, there you are."

Jim Smith

Lad In T'Office

Description of what you do: lots of different stuff on’t computer and around office. I like to test out all the products!

Likes: being incognito

Dislikes: having my picture taken

Good at: getting stuff done

Bad at: meeting new people

I do: have a pet Iguana

I don't: let people pet him because he’s grumpy

I want: another mountain bike

I wish: for another mountain bike

I will: believe in Santa if he brings me a mountain bike this Christmas

I won't: stop writing to Santa asking for a new mountain bikeI can

I can: do tricks with Tyrian (my iguana)

I can't: show you unfortunately as we're camera shy

Fave emoji:🦎