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“What our Flampions do for cycling and the FLAB community is simply awesome! They are an enormous asset to cycling, helping normal people who are thinking about getting into the sport, onto their bikes. Building their confidence, sharing great experiences and for many, pedalling through mental and physical challenges.
Our most successful flampions are those who have a genuine desire to give back and to empower others. It’s a selfless role, but one that brings great rewards and a sense of real personal achievement.”

Richard Bye Co-Founder and Original Fat Lad (still) at the Back

It's All About Social

To help bring together the FLAB community, we have created the role of SOCIAL RIDE FLAMPIONS. The role is UK based and FLAMPIONS main aim will be to set up FLAB Social Rides in their local area. FLAMPIONS will probably be FLAB customers and members of the FLAB community who can demonstrate a love of the FLAB brand and an understanding of its sense of humour and the empowering, positive effect it has on peoples lives.

FLAMPIONS embrace the all inclusive ethos of cycling for everyone and genuinely want to encourage other people onto their bikes.


We want to encourage more people onto their bikes and out into the fresh air, to get happier, fitter and healthier.

We’d like to help our community to make contact with each other and to go cycling together and we think our FLAMPIONS can really help with this.

Our FLAMPIONS will need to organise regular social rides. This is a big commitment and whilst we recognise that it isn’t always possible to have weekly rides, we also know that regular rides are the only way to build and maintain a Social Ride group, therefore we have set a mini-mum requirement of 2 rides per month.

FLAMPIONS must post FLAB Social rides on the LET’S RIDE website and riders are required to register here to join rides. In addition FLAB Social rides must be advertised on a local FLAB Social Rides Facebook page, which we will help set up.

Rides which are affiliated to other local cycling clubs or groups will not be counted as FLAB Social Rides e.g. if you are a Breeze champion and run rides you cannot count this as a FLAB/Breeze ride this is to ensure that new opportunities are created for people to cycle.


It is essential to delivering a strong and consistent brand message that FLAMPIONS wear FLAB branded clothing at all times whilst representing the FLAB brand, this includes all FLAB SOCIAL RIDES and any media appearances.


The FLAMPIONS role is a very sociable one and you will need a friendly, outgoing personality, good organisational and communication skills and a genuine desire to meet new people and cycle.

Some of the people who may join your group WILL be slower than you and may not have the right kit or bike to start.


Using social media to share photos and anecdotes from the FLAB Social Rides, is crucial to promoting, supporting and growing the individual groups.

We welcome applications from couples and individuals.


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